At Rogers – Graham and Company we know how important branding is for you and your clients.  Through collaboration, our skilled team of Project Managers and Supervisors oversee all aspects of the finish trades to provide a finished product that everyone can be proud of. Never compromising on quality through dedication and professionalism is our commitment to you.

We create relationships through unwavering dedication to the satisfaction of our customers.  Our painters and staff exhibit the highest character and skill.  We work hard to grasp the vision of the project and execute our part flawlessly. Our staff members have been trained in safety procedures and policies.


Exterior Painting

We are skilled at painting the outside of your building, store, or mall.  We can cover over metal, wood, stucco or almost any surface.

Industrial Coating

We  also offer industrial coatings for our customers on a case by case basis.  Many times a different coating can extend the life and minimize maintenance costs.  Rest assured, we know about these specialized coatings and can apply them so that you get what you are looking for.

Interior Painting

Our skilled painters can transform your office, store, or other commercial property to your exact specifications to bring your vision to life.

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